Dynamic Duo

Greenleaf White Wine, 12 bottles of white wine, front facing

Dynamic Duo

"Dynamic Duo"

An exceptional assemblage that exemplifies the perfect harmony of flavors and pure delight. This captivating case features 6 bottles of our lusciously sweet Moscato, with its enchanting bouquet of floral and fruity notes that dance on the palate. Embrace the refreshing allure of our 6 bottles of Pinot Grigio, an embodiment of elegance with its delicate floral aromas and vibrant hints of pear and citrus.

Together, these remarkable varietals create a symphony of taste that transcends expectations, making the "Dynamic Duo" an impeccable choice for those seeking a refined and unforgettable wine experience.


  • 6 Bottles of Greenleaf Moscato
  • 6 Bottles of Greenleaf Pinot Grigio
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